Urd’s Well

Weaving Women’s Mysteries

Runes, Seidhr, Yggdrasil, ideas and more.

I met the old Gods of my Ancestors. When I started researching, I learned that many others had too. For me, the Runes introduced a time when Christians and Heathens were sharing the best with each other, and bridges were being formed without biased religion. Learning to live in this new way required soul searching and mental house clearing of those ideas that no longer served me. This blog site reflects struggles and conclusions that have shaped my spirit.

My Story

My Story began in 2013 on a cold wintery January day. The snow was too deep to go outside, so I was looking for a new book to read. RUNE POWER, by Kenneth Meadows drew my eye. I pulled the book off the shelf and decided to work with one Rune a day. The Runes seemed to download themselves into my Third Eye, and I’ve been working with them ever since.

Soon after I had “downloaded” the Runes, Creek Woman introduced me to the Norns. The Norns introduced me to the Valkyries, Hela visited, and Heimdall corded Yggdrasil to my spine. Hela became a teacher, and her father Loki dropped in to see who was playing in Hela’s sandbox. Life has been an adventure ever since.

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