Regaining Connection to Great Nature

Presence is the Key for regaining a sense of connectedness to Great Nature. I came to this conclusion while I was considering how animals never lost their connection to Great Nature or their trust in Her. Granted that animals are not prone to long searching thoughts about the meaning of life or their own ultimate demise. Their instinct and their awareness is too centered in the present moment. Their instinct and their limbic brains take very good care that they live as long as possible, and their specialized senses seem to inform them very well as to healthy grasses, herbs, and such for their own self care and longevity. Of course some survive longer than others, but that can be accredited to genetic potential. People too have their own genetic potential, and this allows for a variation of life experiences for the species as a whole, which I consider a good thing. Humans for the most part, at least in urbanized and industrialized cultures, have lost that sensibility of instinct that Animals have. So for a human to regain Presence requires a change of mind, a change of heart, a change of thought.

I AM THAT I AM. These were the words Jehovah spoke to Moses out of the Fiery Bush on Mount Sinai.

Susan quoting the Bible

I AM THAT I AM. When I say these words (quietly to myself), something in me responds with a feeling of Presence. I believe that part of me that responds with the feeling of Presence is the seed of life that God planted within me at my conception. And if this is true for me, it logically follows that all created beings echo the Divine Presence.

And if this is true for me, it logically follows that all created beings echo the Divine Presence.

Susan Epstein, writing in the Here & Now

So for people, what gets in the way of that? What gets in the way of living this Presence fully in all and everything?

If I am right, and it is true that we are all seeded at conception with the I AM Presence, what happens to us that we lose it or maybe never even experience the connection with it?

The Buddha explained that one of the chief difficulties humanity faces is conditioned arising. Wrong education leads to wrong thinking which leads to wrongful actions. To this end he developed his Eight-fold path of right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. The practice of this is the Middle Way which is neither extreme pursuit of sensual pleasure nor extreme pursuit of aesthetic suffering, which was rife in the society of his day.

I was very lucky that I had parents who felt strongly about giving me a religious education. I’m not sure the religion stuck, but the awareness of a Divine Presence stuck, and the connection I felt when I prayed. The disillusion that the human collective experiences now at the concept of religion is a reaction to all of the lies and manipulation that grew up around the messages that the originators of those religions brought forward. When the institutions of religion no longer serve the need of the people for reconnecting with the Life Source Principle, religions fall away. Those which have lasted as long as they have brought a very special message for the healing of humanity, as Jesus brought the teaching of forgiveness and the Buddha brought the teaching of mindfulness. These teachings still serve us. So I was lucky that I had positive teachings about the existence and the meaning of a loving God. People who are not exposed to the idea of God may have a harder time coming to the awareness of God, because God is not something that can be seen or directly experienced with the five senses, and sadly sometimes the teachings of God are not loving, but fiery and judgmental. Ouch!

A feeling of Divine Presence takes place inside of you. I invite you to take a moment for action. Sit quietly with yourself for a moment. Center yourself and get comfortable wherever you are. Speak aloud, “I AM THAT I AM.” Allow that feeling to resonate for a moment. Acknowledge it.

Many difficulties stand between us and our evolution toward enlightenment. One might be our own resistance. Another is the groups that have a manipulative interest in our believing a certain way so that we support the causes they espouse, such as groups standing for political causes or those very wealthy religious institutions so prolific on television. Our partner, parents, family, or tribe might have reasons to try to make us remain as we have always been, especially when we first begin making noises about breaking away from the group’s manner of thinking. This is the process of individuation.

Other difficulties come with our own belief patterns and thoughts, some of which do not serve our liberation. The waking consciousness which became divided from the Subconscious with the illusion of separation from Great Nature makes use of learned beliefs, patterns, and behaviors in order to make its way in the world. While this is not a negative thing in terms of survival, it can interfere with the unfolding process of raising one’s consciousness up to the higher realms, so what becomes necessary is that we need to re-educate waking consciousness by deepening the channels of communication with the Subconscious, which one can do through creative channels like journaling and art, dance and song, active dreaming mentation, and the like.

But while I have been talking about the process of remembering the “I AM THAT I AM” present in all of us and the difficulties we face in arriving at living the I AM Presence more fully, I have neglected the purpose of why I began this blog post in the first place. Let us return to our sense of I AM THAT I AM connection with Great Nature. I have spoken in other posts that separation from Nature is an illusion. When I stand before a great tree, I am in awe of that tree, its long life, the fact that it is rooted in the Earth and must trust completely upon its position and place in the world to have all of its needs for survival met, and the realization that it is intimately in communication with all other trees of its kind in the forest. So my suggestion here is when you yearn for that sense of connectedness for yourself, take your I AM practice outside to Great Nature. If you are not lucky enough to live rurally, find a tree or a park.

I think that Great Nature herself should become humanity’s next great religion so that we can regain what it is that we have lost in feeling our connection to her.

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Susan Hintz Epstein is an author, Rune diviner, healer, non-academic scholar, and former Methodist Lay Speaker who was called by the Runes in 2013. The time since then has been a serpentine shedding of one skin for another, as Susan's spiritual practice with the Runes and the World Tree, Yggdrasil, deepened. Susan keeps company with the Norns and other like-minded women.

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