Silence and Good Things

I’ve been silent to the written page this week. It’s been a dry spell. Sometimes these are more common than I’d like them to be. Sometimes the necessary doings of life rob me of eloquence.

Any number of good things have happened. The Mjolner pendent that I ordered from Svarogs Hammer Shop on that hand forges them came, and it is beautiful! I was so impressed that I ordered a second one for my Marine who is currently serving our country. I anticipate his delight when it arrives – a little late for his birthday – but such an appropriate gift for a young warrior! I had ordered mine last month with Thor’s encouragement. He said he could better protect me wearing his symbol.

Although I’ve been practicing the Runes and working with the Norse Deities for eight years now, I haven’t considered becoming officially Heathen until recently. There are books on how to go about becoming or practicing Asatru, but I’m still not certain which manner of collective worship is for me. Diana Paxton recommends Our Troth, which she helped to found, and I’m relatively certain that group does not delve into racism, so I am planning to read up on that. I am ready to stop being a solo practitioner and find a group to worship with. There is just so much more richness to sharing faith – and frith – with others.

So that’s about all I have to share today. May tomorrow offer new eloquence!

Published by susanofthenorth

Susan Hintz Epstein is an author, Rune diviner, healer, non-academic scholar, and former Methodist Lay Speaker who was called by the Runes in 2013. The time since then has been a serpentine shedding of one skin for another, as Susan's spiritual practice with the Runes and the World Tree, Yggdrasil, deepened. Susan keeps company with the Norns and other like-minded women.

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