Being In the Flow & Positive Think

I was in the writing flow yesterday and got called into work, as nobody else could be found willing to take a sports charter. Kind of annoyed to lose my flow, I nevertheless adapted and did what I had to. My school bus company worked hard to negotiate the sports charters and if nobody does them, we will lose the contract next year around. There’s something to be said for adaptability and also something to be said for reciprocity – each person filling into a role as needed. Trouble with that in general is that so many people where I work are holding on to such negative attitudes that they fail to create a positive outlook for themselves. That generates a reluctance to do anything.

This tendency is all over, though, isn’t it? I was talking about going with the flow as in my writing work, but consciousness, too, is fluid in the same way. When people come together in a group, the “groupthink” tends to flow toward its own level, just as water does. I’ve gotten caught up in this myself, just talking, and soon I might catch myself agreeing that, yes, things are pretty bad…

“But wait a minute!” I think. “Look at all the blessings I truly have! Maybe I need to try to nudge the group consciousness just a little bit higher.” Yes, that does not always work, but I don’t have to agree with them! All around I work with a great bunch of people, who care about the children in their charge. I think we just unknowingly take in so much negativity from the situations around us, that it can be hard to find a direction for positivity.

Starting with my own life, I turn off the news. I turn off the television. And I get creative. Or I go for a long walk. My weight is down. That’s good news! Or I clean the house and enjoy the fruit of my labor. There is always, ALWAYS, something positive that can be tackled. It is really just a matter of changing the way we think about things.

Published by susanofthenorth

Susan Hintz Epstein is an author, Rune diviner, healer, non-academic scholar, and former Methodist Lay Speaker who was called by the Runes in 2013. The time since then has been a serpentine shedding of one skin for another, as Susan's spiritual practice with the Runes and the World Tree, Yggdrasil, deepened. Susan keeps company with the Norns and other like-minded women.

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