Today: A New Beginning

For those who follow me, I have been fighting tooth and nail to meet the finances with the challenge of my husband in the nursing home, and with the challenges added by the current state of inflation, it ain’t easy. Now, I don’t wish to complain, so I’m just stating the obvious. Almost everyone I know and meet is undergoing a hardship of one kind or another. Fortunately the wonderful people I meet often have experiences that guide me to the next step of my journey, the next and the next. So please don’t overlook the tremendous reciprocity available just from dropping your fear of friendly conversation with the people you meet.

I had the house appraised today, and the honesty of the appraiser guided me to put a stop to an extensive loan process that likely would not have gotten approval, because I need a new roof, even though I am seeking the loan in part for that purpose. At the same time a fellow was here to give me an estimate on repairing a worn out hot water heater – something I had hoped was fixable, but sadly not. Each person gave me their best recommendation on the steps to follow in order to move forward. When I studied the element of water, she guided me around obstacles, a lesson I am putting into practice now. The old me: “Poor me, what am I going to do?” The new me: “Okay, so that isn’t working! What can I next imagine doing to solve this problem?”

Okay, so that isn’t working. I paid the guy for his diagnostic skills today. I’d love to utilize him, but at the moment his company seems much pricier than maybe a water heater from Home Depot or Lowes. So I am in the process of online research and phone calls to see if I can find a better price. But he did give me great advice as to the newer requirements of water heaters, so I have at least a beginning point of just what I am looking for. So far a nice gal at Home Depot is working to locate the information for me on installation fees, and she will call me back when she has that information.

So what will I do next? I don’t know yet, but I am going to talk to a different mortgage lender, and I’m going to call the local hardware store, and I’m going to continue to be grateful that no matter how confused I feel or how uncertain about the flow of life, the sun still comes up and sets, that there are still good people in the world to talk to, that I have a dog with beautiful brown eyes who looks to me for care and companionship, that I still have a husband to hug even if “he” isn’t “all there” any more, I’m vertical and walking around albeit with a slight arthritic hitch in my hip, and that there is always humor available from some resource, even if it is self-laughter.

There is no one panacea for whatever ails you. There will always be obstacles. There will always be disappointments when things aren’t easy or expectations are not met. And I can always change a negative thought up by looking at it with a different perspective – the broad view instead of the narrow. And just because it never hurts to say it, and perhaps it can never be said enough, may God Bless us all as we wander through this learning field we call earth life. While we’re at it, let’s keep up the good fight as well.

Published by susanofthenorth

Susan Hintz Epstein is an author, Rune diviner, healer, non-academic scholar, and former Methodist Lay Speaker who was called by the Runes in 2013. The time since then has been a serpentine shedding of one skin for another, as Susan's spiritual practice with the Runes and the World Tree, Yggdrasil, deepened. Susan keeps company with the Norns and other like-minded women.

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