New Rune Set

I made a new Rune set for myself over the weekend. It’s the Armanen Rune set, and it seems a powerful combination of all the Rune work I myself have done since 2013 when the Runes downloaded themselves into my energetic understanding and I began to really engage and play with these energies.

One of the things I love most about working with the Runes is that they address every aspect of life. They can be utilized as tools for mastering one’s self, and understanding one’s self. If we are here on Earth as Gurdjieff said, “To perfect our selves in the sense of BEING,” then the Runes are precise tools for that understanding.

In the last chapter of my book Rune Play: Tools for Spiritual Evolution, I explore the strong connection that the Runes with their emphasis on the numbers 3 and 9 have with Gurdjieff’s Enneagram and the movement of the Triad and the Octave. For those interested, you can find a copy of my book here. In it you can also find ways to learn and explore the Runes from a sense of play.

I also offer Rune divination sessions via ZOOM. To check out my work, visit my Rune of the Day podcast here. To schedule a Rune Divination, email me here.

Published by susanofthenorth

Susan Hintz Epstein is an author, Rune diviner, healer, non-academic scholar, and former Methodist Lay Speaker who was called by the Runes in 2013. The time since then has been a serpentine shedding of one skin for another, as Susan's spiritual practice with the Runes and the World Tree, Yggdrasil, deepened. Susan keeps company with the Norns and other like-minded women.

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