Deer Skull Painting Sunrise

Susan Hintz-Epstein is the author of RUNE PLAY: Learning the Runes

Susan of the North

Susan of the North is the nickname The Sisters Are In gave me when they invited me on to one of their podcasts in 2018, a really, really lucky year for me. We had a blast that day. My daily name is Susan Hintz Epstein. I use both.

What I am:

  • Rune intuitive
  • Artist and pet portraitist
  • Reiki healer and channeler of divine energies
  • A person of curiosity
  • A person who reveres nature and healthy environment for all beings, not just humans

What I have been:

Farmer, wife, mother, sister and sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, student, doer, decider, clerk, graphic artist, decidedly confused and abundantly clear. I have studied religions in a modest way and been a student of Gurdjieff with Ann Kelly and Donald Petacchi.

What I am becoming is Author, and I’m sure there is more to the story as these pages unfold.

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