Dreaming of Light

This morning I woke up early. I had been dreaming of light, and I was also fully aware of my body, as the sciatica I have been working so hard to stay fit and on top of, was disturbing my sleep. So I tuned in to my body. Attention to sensory awareness is something my Gurdjieff mentor Donald Petacchi used to call Intentional Sensation. Intentional sensation is a useful tool both to ground my spirit in my body and to become aware of what is going on within my body.

Dreams and Changing Lifestyle

This morning I woke up dreaming about the old people who have passed from my life. The dreams were all happy ones, scenes from childhood birthdays and Christmases and Thanksgivings gone by that live on in memory. I remember my Grandpa, Dad’s dad, who taught me to love horses. He used to drive the mail in a sled behind a horse during the winter.

Prayer Warriors & Shamans

I have found my tribe of like-minded thinkers on social media. Where else can so many healers, spirit workers, shamans, and those like us come together, freed from the dogma of mainstream religion? Many churches are dying, and those like myself who grew up in Christianity have taken the best from it, rejected the worst of it, and have explored the energy work that was lost during the times of the witch burnings and the torturing of “heretics.”

Unfinished Projects

She sat staring at all the empty boxes and the packing yet to do. Still on the wall were the photos of the baby, now grown, all the memories of the growing up years, and all the regrets of things not done. She’d taken another way, left a marriage confident in her ability to earn a living, but things had not worked out in the way she’d hoped.


I woke up this morning -startled awake- the GNG didn’t want me to miss this. I’d been dreaming of the connections I have to people, places, things, all the beings I love and have grown from connections with. Relationships, it has taken my whole life to understand, are the real key to knowing myself. Everyone has been as a mirror for me, as I have for them, and I am finding this such a beautiful thing. The illusions that I have had

Mystical Places

I like to look for the mystical places, whether outside myself or inside myself. These are those places seldom seen, unless the eye, outer or inner, falls on a curious peace of landscape, the twist of a tree trunk, or a misshapen shadow. The curious, the peculiar, the slight abnormality draws my attention and engagesContinue reading “Mystical Places”

Hail, Loki!

Let me qualify. I am not a devil worshiper. This God of the Norse pantheon has been mislabeled by the tendency in Christian thinking to mark anything challenging to the human race as a devil. Admittedly, the tendency throughout Christian history to make extremes of those qualities labeled “good” and “bad” is responsible for the extreme polarization in human thinking now. So let me get that out of the way. In exclaiming “Hail, Loki!” I am celebrating His role as Trickster that tricks us into seeing the truth of ourselves. Wanting to see the truth of myself, longing for that self-knowledge was what got me into the Gurdjieff work so many, many years ago, and now that I am entertaining this race of Gods (Aesir as opposed to Vanir or the Abrahamic line up of Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed), Loki is my favorite Trickster.