Inner Compass

I have been one who followed my inner compass down awkwardly winding roads, into and out of diverse jobs and even marriage. It was not an easy road, but one that has led to deeper self-understanding and an open heart. The learning of this lifetime has been that the dynamic of relationships is the best teacher, and that the best relationships for deepening soul come out of relationships that have brought the most conflict.

New Rune Set

I made a new Rune set for myself over the weekend. It’s the Armanen Rune set, and it seems a powerful combination of all the Rune work I myself have done since 2013 when the Runes downloaded themselves into my energetic understanding and I began to really engage and play with these energies. One ofContinue reading “New Rune Set”

Ever wonder how you can help repair the world?

I was listening to a radio interview of Barbara Streisand last week. She had just released a remastered version of songs from her youth that had never before been released. Ms. Streisand said that her Jewish faith has a phrase for repairing the world: Tikkun olam. The topic caught my attention. I have studied Gurdjieff.Continue reading “Ever wonder how you can help repair the world?”

Chaos and Order

The yogi sits in silent meditation, but that is just the outward appearance. In his mind, a repeating mantra untangles him from the attachment to the thoughts and emotions that drive chaos and compel order. His meditation is a “time out” from the imperative to act, but when he is done, the discipline he has imposed upon himself will guide his actions toward achievable goals and realizations. Chaos may suggest desires, but ordered thought balanced with developed intuition makes them as possible.

Taking Stock

A little over a year ago, May 2021, I started NOOM as a method of losing weight. I did very well with it, until my husband got sick in February of this year, 2022, and life as it were went to hell in a hand basket. With everything I had to process, taking over the finances, managing our home by myself, making sure that his care needs were met – well, let’s just say my capacity to maintain those practices that kept the weight off were much less easy to honor. I feel beautiful when I’m less heavy, and I want to return also to feeling healthier. So as a consequence