The Shadow Side of New Age

What I want to do is bring attention to the shadow side of that label: “New Age.” How can we know when a path we are following has genuine being-food for us? And that it is not simply imitation? Jesus had a saying about the Pharisees: By their fruit will ye know them. To this I would add, know what your expectations are before you get too involved. The women had all the trappings of spirituality. They practiced Yoga, Reiki, and vegetarianism and venerated such Goddesses as Quan Yin, the Virgin Mary, and the Green Tara.

Finding Stability: Stopping the World

As I was considering what topic to post on this morning, it occurred to me that it can be very hard finding emotional stability in these “COVID times.” It is not just the USA, but the world that is polarized between extremes. And who can escape the politics? It’s old news in the USA: theContinue reading “Finding Stability: Stopping the World”

Down Time

COVID has given many of us the opportunity to be still, but many of us don’t take it. Habits of busy-ness and chasing an ambition or worry keep us in the dark even when we have the gift of time. It took my computer crashing to make me take the time, and I resolve from this moment forward to honor my spirit’s need for me to take that time to come home to myself.

The Tree of Life Inside Us

We are living in a time when the spiritual evolution of the human species seems to depend on how well we can process thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us, and move through the emotional upsets of emotions that we can no longer stuff down deep inside of us. The healing capacity of trees are that they can help us to hold sacred space when we feel our energy for this work flagging. If trees can hold their crowns high during the storms, so can I.

Runes for July 26 – August 1, 2020

The Rune Draw for July 26 through August 1, 2020 presents difficult times ahead. The first Rune is CWEORTH, drawn from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. This is the Rune of the Funeral Pyre, and yes, things are that emotionally hot this week as demonstrators for social change vie with unidentified agents from Homeland Security sent inContinue reading “Runes for July 26 – August 1, 2020”

Trees and Humanity

Odin, Vili, and Ve created humanity from two trees they found while walking along the shore of the ocean surrounding Midgard. Aske (Ash) and Embla (Elm) became the first human man and woman. Human beings were made from trees. She was not taken from beneath his hoary armpit to be subjected to his rule all her life. No way! Man and Woman were created on equal footing.