Self Care

I got up early today on my day off to work out before the home fills up with the smell of cigarettes and the noise of smoker’s cough that wake up with my husband. It feels good to lift weights in the cool of the morning, when I can hear the calling of birds starting their day and going about feeding their families. This is my quiet time. This is what I can control in my life: the self care that helps me against aging, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stiffening joints. This is my “feel good” practice – finding simplicity in the moments I am with myself, feeling good being simple, feeling good being me.

Creating the Foundations of a Spiritual Lifestyle

I had long wanted more “Connection to the Holy” out of my life, yet it took me a while to figure out that it was not religion I wanted, nor a philosophy, but to establish lifestyle foundations -a daily practice- that would contribute to my meaningful, purposeful existence.

The Black and the White

How do we talk to each other? I listened to someone narrating a story of how he told off a company that just wouldn’t listen. The language Paul used in his narration spoke to me of deep seated anger. I understand anger. I have lived much of my life in a state of anger until I resolved the issues causing my anger – and so much of that was related to the stories I told myself about my relationship to the world.

Odin, Hoenir, and Lodhur

For a while now I have been striving to stay open to receiving guidance for my life from the divine. Intuition deepens. It is like listening, only with all the senses. It is like when we understand a thing, we say, “I see!” It is about the quiet knowings that clairvoyance makes possible. Language is not always adequate for expressing the fine nuances of feeling. Language does not always hold words for concepts that make their way toward consciousness from the deep inner wells of being. And I think this is why “religions” started with Mythology, because a myth or a story can be felt with the heart in its truth, even when the intellect with its belief in logic, gets confused into taking such stories literally.

Writing Myself

Scrolling through the vast amount of literature people are sharing about themselves and the Norse Gods and Goddesses, I am both pleased and amazed. The Norns and Hela came to me in 2013 and said, “Share this!” I did not know how to begin. I grew up in an ultra Christian home and I had past life memories of the Burning Times. Meeting these Goddesses of Eldritch Eras threw me into an intense period of inner growth that included the bombing of old conditioning and fears. To honor the Old Gods – and Goddesses – I had to come out of hiding.

Getting Involved?

I’ve had occasion to sincerely consider where I want to spend time. I’m not talking about the daily necessities of life, which must be met. Rather I am talking about all the Will 0′ the Wisps that capture my attention and I give my email address thinking, “I will follow this one.” I’ve spent aContinue reading “Getting Involved?”

Trickster Energy

Trickster energy was primary Thursday of last week, and it has taken me the weekend to recuperate from it. Loki was riding me to face myself and deal with a longstanding grievance I’d been holding on to, and all around me in other circumstances the Heyoka energy was predominant. (Heyoka is the Lakota word forContinue reading “Trickster Energy”