I have a statue of Hela that I made for my Ancestor altar from a Vision that I had of such a statue. She is skeletal and protective, and over Her the wings of a Green Heron are spread. While I have not found any reference of a Green Heron to Hela’s cultus, I honor the connection because it came to me in Vision. Heron is a bird of the marshes, and to my Nordic Ancestors, Life came forth from the marshes. A turning and a returning, to turn and turn again, each lifetime an opportunity for life experience and the advancement of Wisdom. As Odin is the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, so then is Hela the Goddess at the Root of the Soul who Guides and connects one to both the ending and the beginning of Earth Life.

Being In the Flow & Positive Think

I was in the writing flow yesterday and got called into work, as nobody else could be found willing to take a sports charter. Kind of annoyed to lose my flow, I nevertheless adapted and did what I had to. My school bus company worked hard to negotiate the sports charters and if nobody doesContinue reading “Being In the Flow & Positive Think”

Welcome the Conflict

When the Norns first came to me, they gave me an Invocation that invited me to be of service. To be of service is to sometimes step out of the solitary self and into the larger community of humanity. Truly learning to be of service has been a huge balancing act for me. I share the Invocation in the book I am working on: Urd’s Well and the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty.

Forging a Book

School starts the week after next, and I drive a school bus. It’s going to be a major shift of hats that I wear: from introverting to acting the extrovert; from driving a large bus, I am shifting to driving a special needs run; from having a relaxing summer at home to the coming cold months of anticipating the need to dig out from deep snows in order to arrive at school, just in case they don’t call a snow day. These are just the facts of life. There are still irons in the air. Some of the irons I am juggling feel like they still bear the heat of the blacksmith’s forge. In a certain way, all the choices that we make and the consequences which those choices bear, shape us as the heat of the forge and the hammering of the blacksmith’s hammer on the anvil shape the destiny of the iron. I have done some of that work in my life too, shaping shoes to fit a horse’s hoof. That was not work I was temperamentally cut out for, but I do have the experience of it.