The Great Norns

To truly understand what the Norns have to show us, I felt it was important to me to question my beliefs about good and evil. I came to understand that to look at life strictly through the lens of good and evil was to lose sight of the fact that life is always being broken down and always being built up, that the powers of life and death are in constant interaction.

Apocalypse, Ragnarok, and Ego-Death

I want to pose the question today: What if the Christian Apocalypse or the Northern Ragnarok is not an outworld reality, but an inner world reality? There are certainly enough clues given in both the Revelation of St. John and in the Icelandic lore for these Mythos to consider the question. In the Revelations, thereContinue reading “Apocalypse, Ragnarok, and Ego-Death”

Gods, Archetypes, and Maps for Spiritual Evolution

When intellectually minded scholars categorize the Gods (or God, depending on one’s point of view) as small-a “archetypes,” they are simply that – intellectual. Our entire culture is infested with this disease of intellectualism that dismisses an entire part of our own being that is EXPERIENTIAL, in favor of rote memorization. It is what we have been taught, but it is our loss until we are willing to stretch and grow into deeper relationship with ourselves by expanding our willingness to experience, and think for ourselves instead of echoing what we have been taught. Otherwise an idea remains purely intellectual and not taken into the Soul Realms of our Being – and here I must use that word, BEING, because that is precisely the level of awareness that is missing when people try to make a direct experience of the Gods, and yes, Archetypes, into an intellectual exercise expressed on paper but not through one’s heart, and mind, and hands.

Meandering Thoughts

I just read an article online that states the Sami religion as having three parts as an animist, a polytheist, and a shamanist. Yes. This is finding wording for the things I tell people being a “shamanist” is all about, al
though I really hate that word “religion,” as it gets such a bad rap from all the wrong-headedness that goes on within it.

On Suffering

This morning I was catching up to myself in my journal, and Hela suggested I write about suffering. I understand that if I suffer intentionally – let me make it very clear that I am not talking here about that “martyr” quality of victimhood that one sees in certain types of church goers or volunteers.Continue reading “On Suffering”

Winter, Digging Out, and Befriending Uncertainty

It has been a bit of a rough rock and roll here with winter causing me some difficulties in getting to work, so apologies to my readers that I just have not had the capacity to get online and keep adding to this blog. One day was so cold the computer would not function, and the next few days were