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Quietude is an Attitude

I picked up an old pamphlet I had from Peace Pilgrim last night. This interesting woman wandered into my life in the words of Carolyn Myss and in a folk song by Pat Lamana, a local NY folksinger. I never met Peace Pilgrim, but I revere her message and the way she chose to honor her calling. I have read this pamphlet before, but I think I am finally ready to begin to honor its message.


I decided I was going to catch up and write a blog post today, so I turned on the computer, sat down, woke up the programs I normally look into and caught myself a half hour later daydreaming my way through facebook posts without retaining anything of what I had read.


No book or course on Norse Mythology 101 would be complete without beginning with Yggdrasil, as the Nordic Tree of Life and Worlds remains at the foundation of the “Soul Map” of the Northern peoples. For one who has truly studied the Northern Mythos, the stages of psychological growth are obvious. In the beginning ofContinue reading “Yggdrasil”


Since I began practicing a spiritual lifestyle, I have discovered that it is a solid practice to “check in” with people I know and trust to get a more impartial viewpoint on “How’m’ I doing?” in maintaining a clear and coherent spiritual connection. My person of choice is


Have you ever dealt with the frustrations of technology? I have a learning curve these days with anything new. The simple fact of aging brings with it a slowing down of short term memory. Where my mind used to be like lightning, now I need to slow down to the pace of the day. Yet when my friend Cathy showed me her Apple iPad with the neatest feature – you can draw right on the screen with Appleā€™s own special pencil – I knew I had to have one. Cathy uses a program called Procreate especially designed for this platform.


I have a statue of Hela that I made for my Ancestor altar from a Vision that I had of such a statue. She is skeletal and protective, and over Her the wings of a Green Heron are spread. While I have not found any reference of a Green Heron to Hela’s cultus, I honor the connection because it came to me in Vision. Heron is a bird of the marshes, and to my Nordic Ancestors, Life came forth from the marshes. A turning and a returning, to turn and turn again, each lifetime an opportunity for life experience and the advancement of Wisdom. As Odin is the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, so then is Hela the Goddess at the Root of the Soul who Guides and connects one to both the ending and the beginning of Earth Life.

Chance & Choice

This morning I was thinking about how sometimes the Universe will arrange events to position us to make choices for our own happiness. Recently my son got married to a lovely girl after a short courtship of about three months.

The Gods Are Love

We human beings can only test the truth of a thing through our own experience of it, and the reality of God is something we can only feel our way into via our own experience. When the Norns first came to me, I was still predominantly Christian. I cannot escape the influence Christianity had onContinue reading “The Gods Are Love”


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