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Thanksgiving Memories

We are celebrating Thanksgiving differently this year than any year before. We have Covid-19 concerns, so we are celebrating this day at home, and will go see family on Sunday to share togetherness at a social distance beside their new fire pit where shelter from downward falling elements is also possible under their large gazebo.Continue reading “Thanksgiving Memories”

Dog, At It Again

Dog sat watching Old Lady and Little Old Man at the dinner table. From the first sounds of food preparation, she had abandoned her Dog Doings – which usually involved sleeping soundly when there is not food to be begged for – and jumped up with enthusiasm for whatever scraps might happen to fall uponContinue reading “Dog, At It Again”

Tree of Life

Since I took up with the Norse, I think a lot on the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is a symbol with rich and far reaching connections to Life, Death, and all In-Between. As the Being that stands within Ginnungagap, Yggdrasil represents that most basic foundation of consciousness: Being. As someone who has talked and thought about Consciousness most of my life, I have noticed that whenever I mention “Being,” many people’s eyes tend to glaze over and ask why I am talking about Existence. This reaction has led me to believe that many people fail to appreciate the width and depth of their own Being. To simply BE, to take a moment without thought or haste or strong emotion is to sit quietly in the Well of one’s own center, to fully appreciate and know one’s own inner depth and breadth.

Since 2013

The Norns came to me in 2013. The Runes came to me in 2013. Other Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty came to me in 2013 and from that point on I became able to live a self-examined life with their guidance. Something within me demanded I strive to be better than I was. Something within me wanted a life of integrity and honor.

Pathways, Goals, and “Just As It Is”

Among my goals for this blog is to share some of the teachings. One I will leave for today may poise a question – or not, but this was Hela’s great teaching to me: Learn to live fully and comfortably in your own body. Take care of it. If you have ailments -as I do- learn what it takes to live with them best you can. Accept the pain that comes as it makes every moment more real, more edgy, more alive.

A Fine Fit and Fury

This morning Old Lady woke up in a fine fit and fury. She couldn’t put an identifying thought to the source of the fit and fury, so she simply sighed, threw her feet over the edge of the bed, elbowed her way out of the covers, her aged bones creaking, goose bumps forming on her skin, and shivered her way into her clothes, dressing by the light of the alarm clock so as not to wake Dog. Too late. Dog had heard Old Lady stirring and got herself up, stretched with that slow luxuriant manner she has, and then yawned, her tongue curling around her lips like her tail curled over her hips.

A Prayer Life

I am a quiet person in general, so those who meet me don’t really know what is going on under the surface. I am content to leave it that way for the most part, because less is more. The less people know about me, the less I have to contend with jealousy, gossip, and the less I am persecuted by critical judgment. So I walk my talk quietly, and try to live from the perspective that my actions stem from my convictions toward the good of all.


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