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In Praise of Thor

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
I’ve been thinking a lot about Thor lately. In the Himiskviða and, I believe the Voluspa, He is given the epithet Vèurr, which means “Hallower,” i.e. One who hallows, One who makes something holy. A variant of this epithet, with roughly the same meaning is Víurðr (Defender of the shrine).Thor is…

Dog and Old Lady hit the trail

Old Lady’s heart got a lift this morning as she strode up the trail pretending to be thirty again. Startling up a flock of sparrows and chickadees accompanied by a Cedar Wax Wing, Old Lady stopped and bird watched. The birds, equally curious followed Dog and Old Lady up the trail, lifting her heart into joy at the beauty and flight of the little curious ones. Choosing a perch at the tiptop of a white pine, one little bird cheerfully called out, “Chick-a-dee, chick-a-dee-dee-dee!” A few remaining leaves fell down around them, making an echoing rhythm of “Whoosh-whoosh. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.” A Cardinal make a bright visual counterpoint sitting at the tip of an old Maple.

Northern Woods Mythology

Mythologies are teaching stories. Not fairy tales. The Norse Mythology is every bit as valid as the parables of the Christian Jesus, which he told as story to relay valid concepts to people who might not have developed the understanding to learn directly as an Initiate would learn. Stories serve the purpose of providing higher knowledge to those who are ready to contemplate their meaning. Thus this is as true for the teachings of the Northern Woods as it was for the great Rabbi of Nazareth.

A Day In The Life: Dog & Old Lady

Dog and Old Lady here today. With all the changes in the bus routine this year, added to the seasonal changes when my body just wants to fatten up and hibernate like our local black bears, I’m tired today!

Today, New Moon

This New Moon in Libra has brought a lot of Norn energy in for me. In fact I took a broom to my kitchen this morning to sweep out harm and entanglements and bring in new energy. Sweeping is a very old tradition for women, and I was honoring that today. Then I went and began the process of raking leaves. I want my home and land sparkling for the changing seasons. I want a new start. It has been a year of challenges and good things too, especially in relation to people I love. Alan and I had time for the garden and for improving our home. The fact that so many people have been lost to COVID-19 has been an inspiration to me to let go of the shit that no longer serves me, and deepen my relationships with the people I love and the Gods.

The Gods Love Us

God loves us. I absolutely have faith in that. The Gods love us. I absolutely have faith in that too. How do I know? I’ve tested it about every which way this side of Friday, and even though I meet myself in uncomfortable ways, and have been broken down in order that ego-mind may give way within me to something higher than myself, They pick me up and greet me with love, as with humility I rebuild my relationship with Them.

No More Time

When I’m really emotional or trying to figure out tangled thoughts, physical work can bring me to a state of calm-abiding and centered grounding. The action of my body during work focuses my mind away from an endless revolution of counter-productive thinking, and while my attention is focused on the moment I’m in, my subconscious is freed to post solutions to the dilemma that anxious preoccupation with a problem had been blocking. So by turning to physical exercise or work, I open the door to finding a solution to things that need resolution.


Not all who wander are lost. Some of us are just wondering as we wander, guided by an inner compass no one else can see.


Here I was tonight staring at the blank screen feeling the urge to write and… feeling as blank as the screen. Sometimes a little bit of nothing is good. Space. Freedom not to think, but to BE.


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