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Building Projects

Two weekends ago, I pulled up a very old rug in my bedroom. Underneath was nothing but powder left from the foam insulation pad. Then this past weekend, I put down my first laminate floor. I’ve always been a DIYer -or technically speaking, would that be DIMer, since I’m writing in the first person? Either way, Do-It-Yourself-er or Do-It-Myself-er, it is satisfying to have something


My email pen pal wrote me this morning. A friend of hers had sent a video that former president Donald J. had put out full of propaganda, misogynist messages (lies, surprise, surprise), and ended equating himself with God.

Death Instinct & Life Instinct

Since 2013 the Norns and Hela have been working with me on an Underworld journey for my own psychic healing, and as far as I know, Freud is the only one who considered a death-principle to accompany the pleasure-principle, and I wanted to follow his thinking on the matter.

An Excess of Inconsideration

I took my husband up to the cardiology clinic he goes to in Albany, NY yesterday for a simple “yes or no” for a procedure he needs on another part of his anatomy. After the usual amount of time waiting for the medical professionals to get around to coming into see us had already passed, I am left wondering, “Should I bill the doctor?”

Morning Musings

This morning I groggily rolled out of bed, muttering “Fuck!” to the alarm clock, grabbed to shut the noisy thing off, and rushed to throw my clothes on in the cold of the morning. My mind was traveling toward the worries of yesterday, and my mood growing fouler

Finding Contentment

So many people of my acquaintance have been busy with their own health issues or that of family members this week. That simple fact reminds me that we can take nothing for granted, as if we haven’t been made aware of that by the current pandemic. In fact with all the strife in the world right now and health issues going on at home, I have very little attention for more than I have to take care of in any given day.

Silence and Good Things

The Mjolner pendent that I ordered from Svarogs Hammer Shop on that hand forges them came, and it is beautiful! I was so impressed that I ordered a second one for my Marine who is currently serving our country.

Forgiving the Woundedness

I personally wasted -WASTED!- many years of my life on such negative emotional fuckery, which only served to wreck relationships and a marriage. None of it made me feel good at all. I wanted to be right, even when I was wrong, and I had too much pride to admit it. The cure was to finally see myself as I am, face my own resentments and step into my recurring fears of abandonment. This I did each time they came up, and gradually my negative emotions that were based upon fear dissolved and I became able to live my life with more clarity. I became more able to acknowledge when I was wrong, to apologize and save those friendships that really mattered to me. I shortened a lot of pencils journaling my way to self-understanding, and I became for the first time in my life truly able to EXPERIENCE Jesus’s great instruction on forgiveness. It took a lot of work!

Sustaining Self Development: Lifestyle Changes and Choices

Developing a spiritual, soul-full life must become a lifestyle practice. It cannot be static, it cannot be a daydream of something I will do someday, it must be honed and honored now, to the best of my ability. It must be flexible enough to meet the needs of the day and the demands of my life. For a spiritual lifestyle to be sustainable by me, it must sustain me. I must be open to the changes it will bring, perhaps even wreck, in my life.


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