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Trickster Energy

Trickster energy was primary Thursday of last week, and it has taken me the weekend to recuperate from it. Loki was riding me to face myself and deal with a longstanding grievance I’d been holding on to, and all around me in other circumstances the Heyoka energy was predominant. (Heyoka is the Lakota word forContinue reading “Trickster Energy”

Tangles and Karma

This morning when I got up, the odd light in the kitchen started flickering. It flickered for a while, and then was quiet, while still lit. Lately this seems to be his latest trick when Loki wants my attention. But then again, maybe the light bulb is going bad. Except that it still works when Loki does not want my attention. Thus my confusion. So when such moments of confusion arise, I stop what I’m doing and tune in to the spirit of things.

What is your secret power?

I often overhear the children on my elementary school bus run asking each other, “What is your secret power?” I haven’t been following the latest action comic trends to know what they might be watching on television or what their video games are, but I find the question kind of catchy.

Women Time

I just spent my morning with a wonderful friend. We met at a psychic fair and hit it off immediately. Lately we’ve been meeting once a month for coffee. We share experiences, feelings, life situations, and best of all, the gift of unconditional listening. This is a true gift in these challenging times of gettingContinue reading “Women Time”

Room of My Own

Men talk about Man Caves, women discuss She Sheds, and I’ve been working on my bedroom. I’m no sultry diva. This is not all about curtains, bangles, or red satin sheets. It’s about restful space, creative space, and peace of mind.

Building Projects

Two weekends ago, I pulled up a very old rug in my bedroom. Underneath was nothing but powder left from the foam insulation pad. Then this past weekend, I put down my first laminate floor. I’ve always been a DIYer -or technically speaking, would that be DIMer, since I’m writing in the first person? Either way, Do-It-Yourself-er or Do-It-Myself-er, it is satisfying to have something


My email pen pal wrote me this morning. A friend of hers had sent a video that former president Donald J. had put out full of propaganda, misogynist messages (lies, surprise, surprise), and ended equating himself with God.

Death Instinct & Life Instinct

Since 2013 the Norns and Hela have been working with me on an Underworld journey for my own psychic healing, and as far as I know, Freud is the only one who considered a death-principle to accompany the pleasure-principle, and I wanted to follow his thinking on the matter.


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