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Forgiving the Woundedness

I personally wasted -WASTED!- many years of my life on such negative emotional fuckery, which only served to wreck relationships and a marriage. None of it made me feel good at all. I wanted to be right, even when I was wrong, and I had too much pride to admit it. The cure was to finally see myself as I am, face my own resentments and step into my recurring fears of abandonment. This I did each time they came up, and gradually my negative emotions that were based upon fear dissolved and I became able to live my life with more clarity. I became more able to acknowledge when I was wrong, to apologize and save those friendships that really mattered to me. I shortened a lot of pencils journaling my way to self-understanding, and I became for the first time in my life truly able to EXPERIENCE Jesus’s great instruction on forgiveness. It took a lot of work!

Sustaining Self Development: Lifestyle Changes and Choices

Developing a spiritual, soul-full life must become a lifestyle practice. It cannot be static, it cannot be a daydream of something I will do someday, it must be honed and honored now, to the best of my ability. It must be flexible enough to meet the needs of the day and the demands of my life. For a spiritual lifestyle to be sustainable by me, it must sustain me. I must be open to the changes it will bring, perhaps even wreck, in my life.

Book Review: Let Your Life Speak

Sometimes I find a rare treasure of a book on the library shelf. Parker J. Palmer asked himself a question of the inner search: “Is the life I am living the same as the life that wants to live in me?” The result was his book, Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation. This book is a moving, written meditation as to how his own life answered his calling. He says that vocation does not come from willfulness, but from truly listening to and accepting the “true self” with all of its limitations and all of its potentials.

Attitude and then some…

There are some people I really and truly enjoy. If any of these folks have distinctive characteristics, it is that we are all slightly off-the-edge, somewhat deviant, and vibrant with life and creativity.

Kindling the Native Spirit: Sacred Practices for Everyday Life

Kindling the Native Spirit: Sacred Practices for EverydayLife by Denise Linn and published by Hay House is chock full of exercises to ignite an Earth-based spiritual lifestyle. When common things no longer satisfy, and you feel a yearning in your soul for something more, a truer connection to life and all that implies, this book might be the answer for you.

Loki: Truth or Dare?

Those of us who follow Loki have realized a truth about him: That he wants to help us find our own truth and live thereby. Out of all the personalities in the Norse pantheon, Loki stands out as the one who

At Urd’s Well

The women come together to stitch, sew and weave. They have a common purpose. Babies are being born and they will need a stitch or two in the weave to perfect their life pattern.

Coffee, Outer and Inner Doings

Every good day starts off with a cup of latte. In the ten years we’ve been together, my husband Alan and I have worn out 4-5 latte machines. The most reliable one we’ve found is Mr. Coffee’s latte maker, so each time we need to replace, we are brand loyal.

Relationships Reveal Me

My relationship to a thing depends upon how much energy I am willing to invest in observing it, getting to know it, communicate with it. The term relationship is thus broadened again by a willingness to invest energy and time and the connection of communication and still further by the purpose of the relationship.

In the Image of God

Yet in a deeper way, man has had to create God in man’s own image so that man can begin to understand God. We cannot define the invisible by what we cannot see, but by the qualities we perceive.


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