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Chance & Choice

This morning I was thinking about how sometimes the Universe will arrange events to position us to make choices for our own happiness. Recently my son got married to a lovely girl after a short courtship of about three months.

The Gods Are Love

We human beings can only test the truth of a thing through our own experience of it, and the reality of God is something we can only feel our way into via our own experience. When the Norns first came to me, I was still predominantly Christian. I cannot escape the influence Christianity had onContinue reading “The Gods Are Love”

Welcome the Conflict

When the Norns first came to me, they gave me an Invocation that invited me to be of service. To be of service is to sometimes step out of the solitary self and into the larger community of humanity. Truly learning to be of service has been a huge balancing act for me. I share the Invocation in the book I am working on: Urd’s Well and the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty.

Freight Train or Gentle Grace?

It’s felt like a rough day. I’ve stood up for myself and my principles and had to take some hits on that. The result has been an inadvertent stepping into old emotional patterns that got triggered and the consequent struggle to rise above them.

Scanning Your Body

Scanning my body has become as natural and instinctive a practice for me as grounding and centering. All of these are important as they contribute to the WHOLESOMENESS of unifying the three aspects of our being. Let me explain for those who might not yet know.

Forging a Book

School starts the week after next, and I drive a school bus. It’s going to be a major shift of hats that I wear: from introverting to acting the extrovert; from driving a large bus, I am shifting to driving a special needs run; from having a relaxing summer at home to the coming cold months of anticipating the need to dig out from deep snows in order to arrive at school, just in case they don’t call a snow day. These are just the facts of life. There are still irons in the air. Some of the irons I am juggling feel like they still bear the heat of the blacksmith’s forge. In a certain way, all the choices that we make and the consequences which those choices bear, shape us as the heat of the forge and the hammering of the blacksmith’s hammer on the anvil shape the destiny of the iron. I have done some of that work in my life too, shaping shoes to fit a horse’s hoof. That was not work I was temperamentally cut out for, but I do have the experience of it.


I was thinking about the impulses that motivated me to give up Christianity. It felt like a huge act of rebellion given how church-going my family was. Mom was a Sunday school teacher who loved Jesus and only gave up teaching when her last illness made her body too weak to continue.

Stepping Into The Day

It’s been a while since I’ve written. It’s been a full summer, with many hours of my day going to the self-care of exercise in order to keep losing weight. I’m down thirty-some pounds since a year ago at this time, when the blood sugar and the diabetes were getting a bit out of control. There is nothing like the fear of breaking down a strong body, which I’ve always taken for granted, and perhaps blindness, to jump on the self-care bandwagon.


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