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Interview with Brigid Hopkins

I had a wonderful interview with Brigid Hopkins today, author of Feathers of a Phoenix. I met Brigid at Omega where she was assistant to Renee Baribeau who was there to teach Winds of Spirit. Brigid is an insightful woman who is still emerging into the next phase of her life. Brigid makes the important point that we need to allow ourselves the time to grow into the emergent phases of our lives. Writing down her memoirs and listening to the thread of her own intuition have allowed Brigid to integrate aspects of a troubled childhood into the woman she is now.

Rune Draw September 27 – October 3, 2020

The Runes for this week – JERA, HAGALAZ, and GIFU – report Harvest (and seasonal cycles), Change (which can be turbulent yet bring opportunity), and Gifts (in the form here of spiritual harvest and/or reciprocity in giving and receiving). The Ogham reading for this week, Gorse, supports the Rune Draw.

Ah! The Stuff of Life!

The past four days have been overrun with the stuff of life: job, an appointment at the eye doctor, an attack of sciatica and the need to persevere through it. With all of the chaos of this week, I needed very much to get in touch with myself this morning. A mental check in with my body, and I learned that the sciatica is acting up to teach me about my limitations. I imagine I can accomplish so much, yet often that is only fantasy.

Dreaming of Light

This morning I woke up early. I had been dreaming of light, and I was also fully aware of my body, as the sciatica I have been working so hard to stay fit and on top of, was disturbing my sleep. So I tuned in to my body. Attention to sensory awareness is something my Gurdjieff mentor Donald Petacchi used to call Intentional Sensation. Intentional sensation is a useful tool both to ground my spirit in my body and to become aware of what is going on within my body.

Dreams and Changing Lifestyle

This morning I woke up dreaming about the old people who have passed from my life. The dreams were all happy ones, scenes from childhood birthdays and Christmases and Thanksgivings gone by that live on in memory. I remember my Grandpa, Dad’s dad, who taught me to love horses. He used to drive the mail in a sled behind a horse during the winter.

Prayer Warriors & Shamans

I have found my tribe of like-minded thinkers on social media. Where else can so many healers, spirit workers, shamans, and those like us come together, freed from the dogma of mainstream religion? Many churches are dying, and those like myself who grew up in Christianity have taken the best from it, rejected the worst of it, and have explored the energy work that was lost during the times of the witch burnings and the torturing of “heretics.”

Back to Work

I’ve had to return to my day job of driving a school bus. Managing the passenger seating for Covid really brings it home that life as I knew it is forever gone.

Biding My Time

I had to start back at work this week. The changes necessary for COVID prevention are in place, and people are cooperating. I’ve had several months off and it felt good but strange to be behind the driver’s wheel again. The school bus feels very empty with only six passengers, but this was the decisionContinue reading “Biding My Time”


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