Cat Mom and Resurrection

For those who have actually read these dead cat and resurrection stories, here is what actually matters. Love matters. The love that arises out of death, grief, and unhappy endings to support a loving and living heart. It has probably been hard to follow the free form expression of emotions as I jumped topic fromContinue reading “Cat Mom and Resurrection”

After Death the Resurrection

It seems strange from the way I think other people see things to say that the death of my very first cat, a happy little gold and white tabby, could lead me to a deeper feeling of my own spirit and resurrection than any religion could. Buffy danced his way into my heart and loved me unconditionally. People were much harder.

The Death of a Cat

When I was a child, I gave my sense of authority and power of my life over to my parents. This happened in a graveyard when I was trying to convince my father that the death of a cat was as important as the death of a person, and that cats did go to heaven, and I would see Buffy again one day, and would Dad please tell Mom that, because she was not listening to my efforts to comfort myself over Buffy’s death, nor was she offering me any comfort. The devoted mom who raced to comfort me over a skinned knee was incapable of comforting me over the death of my pet.