Frau Wode

I am always considering ways to deepen relationship to Deity. Ever since the Norns took me up in a tutelary way in 2013, I have opened my worldview toward polytheism and away from the monotheism inherent in the Christianity of my youth. I am content with this, it has deepened my relationship with my Creator.Continue reading “Frau Wode”

Writing Myself

Scrolling through the vast amount of literature people are sharing about themselves and the Norse Gods and Goddesses, I am both pleased and amazed. The Norns and Hela came to me in 2013 and said, “Share this!” I did not know how to begin. I grew up in an ultra Christian home and I had past life memories of the Burning Times. Meeting these Goddesses of Eldritch Eras threw me into an intense period of inner growth that included the bombing of old conditioning and fears. To honor the Old Gods – and Goddesses – I had to come out of hiding.

The Great Norns

To truly understand what the Norns have to show us, I felt it was important to me to question my beliefs about good and evil. I came to understand that to look at life strictly through the lens of good and evil was to lose sight of the fact that life is always being broken down and always being built up, that the powers of life and death are in constant interaction.