Facing The Shadows

Shadow Work is about turning to face yourself in whatever way you are discomfited, without projection and without blame. You have to begin with an understanding that you are part of any relationship you belong to, and consequently, what you experience from that relationship can teach you something about yourself.

More Ideas on PTSD

For those who are doing the shadow work of releasing repressed emotions, trauma, and coming into an understanding of what their personal patterns and triggers are for those behaviors that do not serve us very well – here are some thoughts I’ve been having as I do my own inner work. I want to beContinue reading “More Ideas on PTSD”

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

My topic today is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is rather personal today, but I feel called to talk about it, because until recently, I have been wont to claim the experience for myself. I am not a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or war veteran, so I thought, how dare I claim the experience? Dysfunctional family, sure, I have been through that. And I must also acknowledge the sensitivity children have before the hard knocks of life deaden them emotionally – if they allow it. Children are sensitive, but they are also resilient. They get through, but maybe not without picking up some dysfunction of their own.

On the definition of “Race”

I’ve been silent on this blog. It has just been one of those weeks where coping with the “stuff of life” that comes up around jobs and getting along with other people has required extra time, and I come home, falling into bed exhausted, without much time for any internet activity. I miss writing. ItContinue reading “On the definition of “Race””

Loving What Is

For some days I had been feeling unexplained grief without recognizing its source. Last night I joined the online webinar “From Pain to Peace” with shamans Linda Fitch and Mary Agnew. I’ve heard great things about Linda Fitch from friends who took her classes when she was still a Dean at the Four Winds School.Continue reading “Loving What Is”

The Shadow Side of New Age

What I want to do is bring attention to the shadow side of that label: “New Age.” How can we know when a path we are following has genuine being-food for us? And that it is not simply imitation? Jesus had a saying about the Pharisees: By their fruit will ye know them. To this I would add, know what your expectations are before you get too involved. The women had all the trappings of spirituality. They practiced Yoga, Reiki, and vegetarianism and venerated such Goddesses as Quan Yin, the Virgin Mary, and the Green Tara.