Some Days

Some days, like yesterday, it is hard for me to dig up any ambition. Christmas break is a period of rest for me any way, from my day job of school bus driving. But I have individual plans that I would like to utilize my time for and when I have a day that demands rest, those things don’t get done.

Walking In My Own Power

What does it mean to walk in my own power? I am slowly coming out of a month long period of avoiding social media to go within and explore this next phase of my life. I was losing so much of myself and my daily connection to “me” time in the “Chatty Kathy” syndrome of feeling a need to comment here and there, especially on Facebook, and I knew I needed a time out for self-imposed silence.

The Simple Things

When I am not connecting to Source for clients or putting my personal best into my day job, I find great connection for my own self and true restfulness in the simple act of maintaining my household. My husband and I have developed routines that are mutually sustaining and give each other a break. For example, I will make the Saturday morning breakfast and take care of the kitchen cleanup, walk the dog, and then take stock of this day’s particular chores. On Sunday mornings, he makes a luxurious breakfast of Huevos Rancheros, one of our very favorite dishes, that he discovered on a vacation to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. These are our “comfort” days.

The Tree of Life Within Us: A Useful Meditation for Depression

I think it is time to EXORCISE that vicious old spirit of depression. After four days of feeling empty, bluer than blue, and gray myself, I decided it was past time to call upon what I know to be true and restore myself to a sense of well being. I have been feeling the lack of CONNECTION to those things that make me truly happy and well-adjusted, so I took a few moments to center and ground myself. I know that these states of being come and go, so I did not want to identify with the spirit of depression, and thereby hang on to it.

Today, New Moon

This New Moon in Libra has brought a lot of Norn energy in for me. In fact I took a broom to my kitchen this morning to sweep out harm and entanglements and bring in new energy. Sweeping is a very old tradition for women, and I was honoring that today. Then I went and began the process of raking leaves. I want my home and land sparkling for the changing seasons. I want a new start. It has been a year of challenges and good things too, especially in relation to people I love. Alan and I had time for the garden and for improving our home. The fact that so many people have been lost to COVID-19 has been an inspiration to me to let go of the shit that no longer serves me, and deepen my relationships with the people I love and the Gods.

Changing Seasons, Changing Attitudes

This morning I could have slept in, but the job has me waking up early now. Since I didn’t have to rush out the door to drive, I spent that delicious slow time coming awake with thoughts of gratitude for the life that I have. Summer is phasing into Autumn. Tinges of sadness strike meContinue reading “Changing Seasons, Changing Attitudes”

Dreaming of Light

This morning I woke up early. I had been dreaming of light, and I was also fully aware of my body, as the sciatica I have been working so hard to stay fit and on top of, was disturbing my sleep. So I tuned in to my body. Attention to sensory awareness is something my Gurdjieff mentor Donald Petacchi used to call Intentional Sensation. Intentional sensation is a useful tool both to ground my spirit in my body and to become aware of what is going on within my body.