Welcome the Conflict

When the Norns first came to me, they gave me an Invocation that invited me to be of service. To be of service is to sometimes step out of the solitary self and into the larger community of humanity. Truly learning to be of service has been a huge balancing act for me. I share the Invocation in the book I am working on: Urd’s Well and the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty.

Tangles and Karma

This morning when I got up, the odd light in the kitchen started flickering. It flickered for a while, and then was quiet, while still lit. Lately this seems to be his latest trick when Loki wants my attention. But then again, maybe the light bulb is going bad. Except that it still works when Loki does not want my attention. Thus my confusion. So when such moments of confusion arise, I stop what I’m doing and tune in to the spirit of things.

The Great Norns

To truly understand what the Norns have to show us, I felt it was important to me to question my beliefs about good and evil. I came to understand that to look at life strictly through the lens of good and evil was to lose sight of the fact that life is always being broken down and always being built up, that the powers of life and death are in constant interaction.

Thoughts on God – Coming Home

I’m new to polytheism. Although the Norns and Hela began speaking with me back in 2013, it took me a while to throw off the conditioning of a Protestant upbringing that insisted there was only monotheism and anything else was demonic. But as Christ said, by their fruits shall ye know them, and the NornsContinue reading “Thoughts on God – Coming Home”

Skuld – The Norn of What Should Be

What I find so fascinating about Skuld, is that she is also numbered among the Valkyries, those winged swan women who make claims among the dead for Odin and for Freyja. To make claims among the dead is to be a Psychopomp, one who helps the dead find the afterlife they were meant to go to. To be a Psychopomp, one needs a certain centered strength of character, a strength of character that can face the necessary acts among what is real. Death is real. Life is real. And like Urd and Verdandi, Skuld can help us make the best of our life. Our precious life.

Verdandi – Life is NOW

This post is intended to follow up where I left off with the post on Urdr yesterday. I had spoken about working with the Norns in terms of a Life Review to heal deeply rooted emotional issues. I had told my story of how the Norns were first introduced to me by the Elohim ofContinue reading “Verdandi – Life is NOW”

Urd, Norn of That Which Was

Urd is the Norn of the Past, and my experience of her is the kindness, impartiality, patience, and truth of the in-depth going within that she has guided me through. She first came with her sisters, Verdhandi and Skuld on the night of a full moon at the invitation of the Elohim of the West Kill, a creek that runs behind our home here in upstate New York. Together we sat at my Mesa (I’m a Mesa carrier) and they showed me how to weave the threads