Norse Days of the Week

Did you know that the days of the week are actually named after the Norse Gods? Sunday is Sunna’s day, she who drives the Sun across the sky daily. Monday is Mani’s day, the legendary “Man in the Moon.” Tuesday belongs to the War God Tyr, Tues, Teiwaz whose action chained the “Wolf of Greed.” Wednesday belongs to Woden. Woden’s day belongs to the All Father Himself. And Thursday, you may have by now guessed, belongs to Thor, the great protector of Middle Earth.

Gods, Archetypes, and Maps for Spiritual Evolution

When intellectually minded scholars categorize the Gods (or God, depending on one’s point of view) as small-a “archetypes,” they are simply that – intellectual. Our entire culture is infested with this disease of intellectualism that dismisses an entire part of our own being that is EXPERIENTIAL, in favor of rote memorization. It is what we have been taught, but it is our loss until we are willing to stretch and grow into deeper relationship with ourselves by expanding our willingness to experience, and think for ourselves instead of echoing what we have been taught. Otherwise an idea remains purely intellectual and not taken into the Soul Realms of our Being – and here I must use that word, BEING, because that is precisely the level of awareness that is missing when people try to make a direct experience of the Gods, and yes, Archetypes, into an intellectual exercise expressed on paper but not through one’s heart, and mind, and hands.

Rant on the Nature of God and Humanity

Yesterday I was rereading a post by Galina Krasskova on the problems Polytheists face in Interfaith communities (link here). Her article inspired a deep feeling in me that I shall try to address here, both on the issue of “Oneness,” and on the issue of the nature of God. Specific to that is my observation that many people create God in their own image.

Thoughts on God – Coming Home

I’m new to polytheism. Although the Norns and Hela began speaking with me back in 2013, it took me a while to throw off the conditioning of a Protestant upbringing that insisted there was only monotheism and anything else was demonic. But as Christ said, by their fruits shall ye know them, and the NornsContinue reading “Thoughts on God – Coming Home”

A Prayer Life

I am a quiet person in general, so those who meet me don’t really know what is going on under the surface. I am content to leave it that way for the most part, because less is more. The less people know about me, the less I have to contend with jealousy, gossip, and the less I am persecuted by critical judgment. So I walk my talk quietly, and try to live from the perspective that my actions stem from my convictions toward the good of all.

The Gods Love Us

God loves us. I absolutely have faith in that. The Gods love us. I absolutely have faith in that too. How do I know? I’ve tested it about every which way this side of Friday, and even though I meet myself in uncomfortable ways, and have been broken down in order that ego-mind may give way within me to something higher than myself, They pick me up and greet me with love, as with humility I rebuild my relationship with Them.