Gods, Archetypes, and Maps for Spiritual Evolution

When intellectually minded scholars categorize the Gods (or God, depending on one’s point of view) as small-a “archetypes,” they are simply that – intellectual. Our entire culture is infested with this disease of intellectualism that dismisses an entire part of our own being that is EXPERIENTIAL, in favor of rote memorization. It is what we have been taught, but it is our loss until we are willing to stretch and grow into deeper relationship with ourselves by expanding our willingness to experience, and think for ourselves instead of echoing what we have been taught. Otherwise an idea remains purely intellectual and not taken into the Soul Realms of our Being – and here I must use that word, BEING, because that is precisely the level of awareness that is missing when people try to make a direct experience of the Gods, and yes, Archetypes, into an intellectual exercise expressed on paper but not through one’s heart, and mind, and hands.

The Tree of Life Within Us: A Useful Meditation for Depression

I think it is time to EXORCISE that vicious old spirit of depression. After four days of feeling empty, bluer than blue, and gray myself, I decided it was past time to call upon what I know to be true and restore myself to a sense of well being. I have been feeling the lack of CONNECTION to those things that make me truly happy and well-adjusted, so I took a few moments to center and ground myself. I know that these states of being come and go, so I did not want to identify with the spirit of depression, and thereby hang on to it.

Tree of Life

Since I took up with the Norse, I think a lot on the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is a symbol with rich and far reaching connections to Life, Death, and all In-Between. As the Being that stands within Ginnungagap, Yggdrasil represents that most basic foundation of consciousness: Being. As someone who has talked and thought about Consciousness most of my life, I have noticed that whenever I mention “Being,” many people’s eyes tend to glaze over and ask why I am talking about Existence. This reaction has led me to believe that many people fail to appreciate the width and depth of their own Being. To simply BE, to take a moment without thought or haste or strong emotion is to sit quietly in the Well of one’s own center, to fully appreciate and know one’s own inner depth and breadth.

The Tree of Life Inside Us

We are living in a time when the spiritual evolution of the human species seems to depend on how well we can process thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us, and move through the emotional upsets of emotions that we can no longer stuff down deep inside of us. The healing capacity of trees are that they can help us to hold sacred space when we feel our energy for this work flagging. If trees can hold their crowns high during the storms, so can I.

Trees and Humanity

Odin, Vili, and Ve created humanity from two trees they found while walking along the shore of the ocean surrounding Midgard. Aske (Ash) and Embla (Elm) became the first human man and woman. Human beings were made from trees. She was not taken from beneath his hoary armpit to be subjected to his rule all her life. No way! Man and Woman were created on equal footing.

Yggdrasil: Tree of Life and Worlds

Human beings are creatures of Nature, like the trees and plants, stars, sun and moon, insects and creepy crawlies, and creatures of all types, those that fly, swim, or trod the land. Humans consider themselves the most intelligent, advanced species on Earth, yet intelligence contributes to a sense of separation from Nature, and is responsibleContinue reading “Yggdrasil: Tree of Life and Worlds”