Pathways, Goals, and “Just As It Is”

Among my goals for this blog is to share some of the teachings. One I will leave for today may poise a question – or not, but this was Hela’s great teaching to me: Learn to live fully and comfortably in your own body. Take care of it. If you have ailments -as I do- learn what it takes to live with them best you can. Accept the pain that comes as it makes every moment more real, more edgy, more alive.

A Prayer Life

I am a quiet person in general, so those who meet me don’t really know what is going on under the surface. I am content to leave it that way for the most part, because less is more. The less people know about me, the less I have to contend with jealousy, gossip, and the less I am persecuted by critical judgment. So I walk my talk quietly, and try to live from the perspective that my actions stem from my convictions toward the good of all.