Gurdjieff’s Law of the Triad and Being Created in the Image of God

It was 1988 and I was spending a summer day in the classroom of Ann Kelly, who was teaching us something about the Enneagram that day. (Ann Kelly had been a student of Dr. Nylund, as Sally Ann McLain). She drew a figure on the chalk board and said that it was another version of the Enneagram. At the time, I attributed the interlacing figure of three triangles to the Egyptian pyramids, because that was my interest, but after the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty – the Norns and Hela – came calling in 2013, and I began learning all I could about things Norse, I learned of this mysterious figure called the Valknut.

The Simple Things

When I am not connecting to Source for clients or putting my personal best into my day job, I find great connection for my own self and true restfulness in the simple act of maintaining my household. My husband and I have developed routines that are mutually sustaining and give each other a break. For example, I will make the Saturday morning breakfast and take care of the kitchen cleanup, walk the dog, and then take stock of this day’s particular chores. On Sunday mornings, he makes a luxurious breakfast of Huevos Rancheros, one of our very favorite dishes, that he discovered on a vacation to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. These are our “comfort” days.

Thoughts on God – Coming Home

I’m new to polytheism. Although the Norns and Hela began speaking with me back in 2013, it took me a while to throw off the conditioning of a Protestant upbringing that insisted there was only monotheism and anything else was demonic. But as Christ said, by their fruits shall ye know them, and the NornsContinue reading “Thoughts on God – Coming Home”

Returning to a true yes and a true no

I’ve heard it said that on the path of life we will cycle around our learning three times, as youth, as adult, as crone. The threads of memory do seem to unfold this way, and today I found myself returning to my time in the Gurdjieff Work for the questions that arose for me today.Continue reading “Returning to a true yes and a true no”