Creating the Foundations of a Spiritual Lifestyle

I had long wanted more “Connection to the Holy” out of my life, yet it took me a while to figure out that it was not religion I wanted, nor a philosophy, but to establish lifestyle foundations -a daily practice- that would contribute to my meaningful, purposeful existence.

Death Instinct & Life Instinct

Since 2013 the Norns and Hela have been working with me on an Underworld journey for my own psychic healing, and as far as I know, Freud is the only one who considered a death-principle to accompany the pleasure-principle, and I wanted to follow his thinking on the matter.

Gurdjieff’s Law of the Triad and Being Created in the Image of God

It was 1988 and I was spending a summer day in the classroom of Ann Kelly, who was teaching us something about the Enneagram that day. (Ann Kelly had been a student of Dr. Nylund, as Sally Ann McLain). She drew a figure on the chalk board and said that it was another version of the Enneagram. At the time, I attributed the interlacing figure of three triangles to the Egyptian pyramids, because that was my interest, but after the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty – the Norns and Hela – came calling in 2013, and I began learning all I could about things Norse, I learned of this mysterious figure called the Valknut.

Northern Trinity

The triune nature of God is a very old concept; much older than Christianity. In the Norse religion, it was three God-brothers who gave life to two trees. In making the trees human, Odin gave the Breath of Life, Vili/Hoenir gave the gift of mind and will, and Ve/Lodhur/Loki gave the gift of appearance, blood, the five senses, and sexuality.