Writers Write, Right?

Well, sometimes writers write. Lately, it seems as if the needful aspects of life sometimes get in the way. I have been working on a book about my experiences with Hela and the Norns, was quite enthusiastic about my editing, and my computer, which was uploading iCloud drive, disappeared all my work. So I haveContinue reading “Writers Write, Right?”

Interview with Brigid Hopkins

I had a wonderful interview with Brigid Hopkins today, author of Feathers of a Phoenix. I met Brigid at Omega where she was assistant to Renee Baribeau who was there to teach Winds of Spirit. Brigid is an insightful woman who is still emerging into the next phase of her life. Brigid makes the important point that we need to allow ourselves the time to grow into the emergent phases of our lives. Writing down her memoirs and listening to the thread of her own intuition have allowed Brigid to integrate aspects of a troubled childhood into the woman she is now.

Finding Stability: Stopping the World

As I was considering what topic to post on this morning, it occurred to me that it can be very hard finding emotional stability in these “COVID times.” It is not just the USA, but the world that is polarized between extremes. And who can escape the politics? It’s old news in the USA: theContinue reading “Finding Stability: Stopping the World”