Gurdjieff’s Law of the Triad and Being Created in the Image of God

It was 1988 and I was spending a summer day in the classroom of Ann Kelly, who was teaching us something about the Enneagram that day. (Ann Kelly had been a student of Dr. Nylund, as Sally Ann McLain). She drew a figure on the chalk board and said that it was another version of the Enneagram. At the time, I attributed the interlacing figure of three triangles to the Egyptian pyramids, because that was my interest, but after the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty – the Norns and Hela – came calling in 2013, and I began learning all I could about things Norse, I learned of this mysterious figure called the Valknut.

Urd’s Well

The women gather around Urd’s Well, eager and content to be together again. They have used the words of Invocation: “We are the Women of the Wyrd. We come together in service to husbands, sons, daughters, and each other. We are the Women of the Wyrd.” Word goes out, and the women come. Some are new. Some know why they have been called and some have yet to learn, to take confidence from the spiritual presence of the women around them who have come together today to Weave.

Tree of Life

Since I took up with the Norse, I think a lot on the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is a symbol with rich and far reaching connections to Life, Death, and all In-Between. As the Being that stands within Ginnungagap, Yggdrasil represents that most basic foundation of consciousness: Being. As someone who has talked and thought about Consciousness most of my life, I have noticed that whenever I mention “Being,” many people’s eyes tend to glaze over and ask why I am talking about Existence. This reaction has led me to believe that many people fail to appreciate the width and depth of their own Being. To simply BE, to take a moment without thought or haste or strong emotion is to sit quietly in the Well of one’s own center, to fully appreciate and know one’s own inner depth and breadth.

Northern Trinity

The triune nature of God is a very old concept; much older than Christianity. In the Norse religion, it was three God-brothers who gave life to two trees. In making the trees human, Odin gave the Breath of Life, Vili/Hoenir gave the gift of mind and will, and Ve/Lodhur/Loki gave the gift of appearance, blood, the five senses, and sexuality.

Yggdrasil Morning

I often start my day with a Tree Meditation. Today I tuned in to Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life of my ancestors. I have visited here often, finding peace of mind and calmness in the center of life’s storms. Today I had no reason except that I love this Tree, and am loved in return. As I sent my Roots down to meet here, Yggdrasil’s Roots curled up around me. As I sent my Crowning branches up to meet here, Yggdrasil’s branches came down around me. I felt held and embraced.