Stepping Into The Day

It’s been a while since I’ve written. It’s been a full summer, with many hours of my day going to the self-care of exercise in order to keep losing weight. I’m down thirty-some pounds since a year ago at this time, when the blood sugar and the diabetes were getting a bit out of control. There is nothing like the fear of breaking down a strong body, which I’ve always taken for granted, and perhaps blindness, to jump on the self-care bandwagon.

The Gods in the Details…

Thus suffering consciously by remaining present to the struggle is always succeeded by some kind of transcendence in a change of our Being. It may not even be a noticeable change, but one of quiet simplicity that gifts us greater stamina and confidence when the next struggle arises.

Weekly Rune Outlook

After taking a hiatus from my former weekly Rune reading, I decided I wanted instead of reading the Runes and putting my opinion out there as to the state of the world, I instead wanted to direct my weekly Rune reading toward finding greater positivity to put out into the world. Today, December 20, 2020Continue reading “Weekly Rune Outlook”