Welcome the Conflict

When the Norns first came to me, they gave me an Invocation that invited me to be of service. To be of service is to sometimes step out of the solitary self and into the larger community of humanity. Truly learning to be of service has been a huge balancing act for me. I share the Invocation in the book I am working on: Urd’s Well and the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty.

The Gods in the Details…

Thus suffering consciously by remaining present to the struggle is always succeeded by some kind of transcendence in a change of our Being. It may not even be a noticeable change, but one of quiet simplicity that gifts us greater stamina and confidence when the next struggle arises.

Rune Draw August 30 – September 5, 2020

The Runes for this week -Hagall, Os, Berkano reversed, Tyr, and Kaun- speak of challenging changes, the need to use our voice to honor the dishonored divine feminine, “warrioring” on, although the outcomes may be painful. We don’t grow without contradiction in life. We don’t grow without overcoming challenges and obstacles. The good news, though,Continue reading “Rune Draw August 30 – September 5, 2020”

Creating a Rune Lifestyle

I can hear readers now as they peruse the title of this post, asking “Why would I want to create a Rune Lifestyle? What’s in it for me?” Well, I don’t know what’s in it for you, because I don’t know your motives or even why such a thing would interest you. What I can tell you is why it interested me, and why since the Runes came to me, I have built a lifestyle around them.