Urd, Norn of That Which Was

Urd is the Norn of the Past, and my experience of her is the kindness, impartiality, patience, and truth of the in-depth going within that she has guided me through. She first came with her sisters, Verdhandi and Skuld on the night of a full moon at the invitation of the Elohim of the West Kill, a creek that runs behind our home here in upstate New York. Together we sat at my Mesa (I’m a Mesa carrier) and they showed me how to weave the threads

The Gods Love Us

God loves us. I absolutely have faith in that. The Gods love us. I absolutely have faith in that too. How do I know? I’ve tested it about every which way this side of Friday, and even though I meet myself in uncomfortable ways, and have been broken down in order that ego-mind may give way within me to something higher than myself, They pick me up and greet me with love, as with humility I rebuild my relationship with Them.